Dane Carbaugh


“Air Force Reserve First Responder.”

I’m a retired Air Force Reserve Fire Training Facilitator (Assistant Chief of Training) and have taught and participated in many hours of Crash, Fire, Rescue and HazMat training. I’m also an avid motorcycle enthusiast. I thought I new all I needed to be able to assist a rider that had been involved in an accident…I was wrong. Rick’s class is spot on. I learned about specifics related to motorcycling that aren’t always considered in other First Responder classes and feel I walked away much more prepared than I was before the class. I would feel confident of the care and treatment of anyone who had taken the MCSS course.

Thank you Rick.

William L. McCauley, Sedro-Woolley, WA

“Grateful for the skills I needed.”

“Having arrived with no previous skills in Crash Scene Safety, I found that the clear and concise way the information was conveyed taught me a lot and will certainly enable me to be comfortable and confident to help others at crash scene. In fact, my son had a crash at the end of Nov 2010, just weeks after the training. I treated my boy calmly and effectively. In the first five minutes, the training lead me to find out my boy was not seriously hurt. It was such a relief for the dad. I managed to calm my son. I would consider I did a better job than two registered nurses at the scene before the fire engine and medic truck arrived. I was glad that I took the class. I was grateful that Rick taught me the skills I needed.”

Franco Lai, Bellevue, WA

“A great class.”

I have been an avid motorcyclist for many years and have seen my share of spills both on the road and on the track. During these experiences I felt somewhat helpless and found myself performing traffic control rather than aiding the injured rider. When presented with the opportunity to take Ricks Crash Course I jumped at the chance of learning the “right” thing to do at the scene of an incident. The class turned out to be a great learning experience with a perfect balance of instruction and practical exercises. Rick’s experience and knowledge shone through and I came away feeling confident that I could provide the “right” kind of aid should the need arise.
Thanks Rick for a great class.

Ian Moreton, Everett, WA

“Competency on the road.”

As a participant in the Crash Scene Management class, I have found the information valuable. I feel better prepared to address the issues that may come up if someone in our group goes down. From ensuring the victim(s) and other riders are safe and getting the assistance they need to making sure that details are recorded so our friends rights are protected., the Crash Scene Management class provided the information and skills to complete the tasks at hand.

Rick D, Corvallis, Oregon

“Very thorough.”

I found the course to be very thorough and hands on. The class size is small which allows for a lot of one on one time with the instructor who is very knowledgeable and is willing to answer any questions you may have. I really enjoyed the practical aspect of the training and feel a lot more comfortable now should I happen to be upon a scene of an accident.

Alexey G, Seattle, WA

“Educational and informative.”

You class was very educational and informative. I particularly enjoyed the hands on activities regarding the helmet removal technique and the rescue breathing. I plan on incorporating some of this information into our club’s Safety program. Thanks again for the interesting class.

Richard M. Vancouver, WA

“500,000+ accident-free miles.”

My name is Don Coons and I’m the Rider Education Director for a National Motorcycle organization. My wife Judy and I attended Rick’s class on First Responder and found it both interesting and informative. I teach motorcycle safety through our organization but due to time constraints not as indebt as CSSI. I have capitalized on the strong points and pass that information on to our members. I have not, and do not wish to ever be required to, use this knowledge first hand but have the confidence that if the need arises I can do so. The cost is a bargain given that through this knowledge you may have the power to safe a life. Maybe the life of someone near and dear. My recommendation is to attend the class and then practice the information you have gained until it becomes a natural function (one where you don’t have to stop and think “What next”). Our personal thanks to Rick and CSSI for making this information available.

Don & Judy Coons, Rogue River, Oregon