Dane Carbaugh


How Do I Register?

Registration for a course is easy! CSSI is fully equipped to receive PayPal payments including all major credit cards. We also take checks and are pleased to make special arrangements for you as a student.

If you’d like to contact Rick Wallace directly about an alternative form of payment, please visit our Contact Us page for more information.

What is the registration process?

You sign up through our electronic form. The more information about you, your partner and your training the better. We compile that into a database for each course. After you complete the registration you will be given the option to pay via any credit, debit or PayPal account through our CSSI PayPal account.

I Don’t Use PayPal. How Can I Register?

You don’t have to use PayPal in order to pay us through PayPal! We just use PayPal to process credit and debit cards, having a PayPal account on your end isn’t necessary. You can still learn about motorcycle crash scene safety without PayPal.

I’m Ready to Expand My Motorcycle Safety Knowledge. Where Do I Go?

If you’re ready to register for a course please go to our Courses page.