Dane Carbaugh

I Come to You

Book me to come teach to your group, in a location of your choice.

What You Get:
Twenty hours of intensive, skilled and professional training that will leave participants able to:

Keep themselves safe
Identify hazards
Treat injured patient
Document scene
Assist EMS personnel
Resume riding
Receive Advanced CPR and First Aid card

What I need:
A classroom with desks, 16 students capacity, equipped with a white board and 500 square feet of open space, in which to practice the exercises
Easy access to an outside area to practice crash scene scenarios. 1,000 square minimum area.
A projection screen

$2,300 for up to sixteen participants. 50% deposit upon booking.
Remaining balance on first day of event. 80% of deposit is refundable with up to 30 days notice.
Mileage over 200 miles from Anacortes, WA

For more information, or to register, email me or call me at 360-202-3106


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