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What is CSSI?
CSSI is an intensive motorcycle safety course. The goal of CSSI is to teach individuals to safely deal with the chaos of a crash scene.

How do I register for a class?
Please visit our Registration Page or feel free to contact us directly on our Contact Page.

Who runs CSSI?
The owner and head instructor of CSSI is Rick Wallace, a former EMT and firefighter. Learn more about Rick on our About Us page.

Do I need to have medical experience before I take the class?
No, but students with all levels of medical training are encouraged to take the class. From absolute novices to trained medical professionals, everyone can learn how to react to a stressful situation like a motorcycle crash better through the CSSI program.

How much do classes cost?
Please see our Registration Page for more information on classes and their associated costs.

How do I host a CSSI class?
Motorcycle shops, industry events, private groups and medical entities are encouraged to host CSSI classes at their location. Please Contact Us for more information.