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About the Course

The goal of CSSI is to teach individuals to safely deal with the chaos of a crash scene. CSSI students learn how to recognize scene hazards and to protect themselves and others from those hazards. You will learn to approach, assess, and care for injured persons. You will learn how to communicate with the EMS to get the correct response and assist Emergency Medical Services’ personnel when they arrive to care for and transport the injured.

At a crash scene there is a need for clear, quick, decisive and effective rescuer safe actions. These actions need to be learned, practiced and mastered just like our riding skills. These actions can save lives, decrease pain and suffering and help speed an injured riders recovery.

At a Motorcycle Crash Scene Safety Course you will learn a comprehensive systematic approach for dealing with a motorcycle crash scene from the time you decide to put your kickstand down and help to the time you put your kickstand up to continue your ride.

What’s In It For You?

During this hands-on content packed course you will learn the skills necessary to:

  • Protect yourself and others
  • Assess, prioritize and administer care to the injured
  • Learn when and how to remove a helmet
  • Communicate vital information to a patient, 911 and EMS providers
  • Mentally prepare yourself to resume your ride

And much more.


There are two ways for us to work together:

Option One:
You attend one of my scheduled courses.
$250 per person

Option Two:
I come to you and teach your group.
$2300 for up to 16 students.
You arrange for an appropriate training facility.
Courses more than 200 miles from Anacortes require a very reasonable travel fee.
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Note: if you have a gift certificate or scholarship, please email me to redeem it.


For more information I can be contacted via email or phone me at 360 202-3106.